Sheldon Friel Lectureship


Sheldon Friel was born in Waterford, Ireland.

He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin (B.A. 1908, M.Dent.Sc. 1909, Sc.D. 1928).

He was a diplomate of the Angle School of Orthodontics.

He was made an Honorary Fellow in Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons, England in 1948 and of Edinburgh in 1951.


He was President of

  • the British Society for the Study of Orthodontics in 1924
  • the Irish Dental Association in 1932
  • the European Orthodontic Society in 1935
  • the Odontological Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, London in 1949

In 1957:

  • he was an Honorary President of the Fédération Dentatire International
  • he was awarded the Villain Prize in Orthodontics.
  • He was an honorary member of the BSSO and EOS.

In 1910 he was appointed lecturer in orthodontics at Trinity College.

In 1941 the university created a special Professorship in Orthodontics, making him the first Professor of Orthodontics in Europe.

In 1960 the American Board of Orthodontics presented him with the Ketcham Award, the first recipient from outside North America to be selected for this honour

He published works on:

  • Muscle testing and muscle training
  • The relation of function to the size and form of the jaws
  • Migration of teeth but his main investigations were on occlusion

He read his first paper entitled 'Occlusion. Observations on its development from infancy to old age' at the First International Orthodontic Congress in 1926 and his subject for the Fifth Northcroft Memorial lecture in 1951 was 'The development of ideal occlusion of the gum pads and teeth'.

Sheldon Friel Memorial Lecturer

After his death, the family of Sheldon Friel gave a bequest to the Society to be used to commemorate his services to orthodontics and to the European Orthodontic Society.