Beni Solow

Beni Solow was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He was educated at the Metropolitan High School, Copenhagen.

He qualified as a dentist at the Royal Dental College, Copenhagen in 1957 and as a specialist in orthodontics in 1964. He obtained the degree of dr. odont in 1966 for his thesis 'The pattern of craniofacial associations. A morphological correlation with factor analysis study on young male adults'

His main areas of research were cephalometric measurement, craniofacial growth, and control mechanisms in craniofacial development.

He was appointed professor of the Department of Orthodontics at the Royal Dental College in 1982 and held this post up to the time of his death.


He was a Consultant to the Danish Medical Research Council and the Commission on Classification and Statistics of Oral Conditions, Fedération Dentaire Internationale.

He served on the Craniofacial Biology Group, IADR

He was President of

  • the European Orthodontic Society
  • the Danish Orthodontic Society
  • the Craniofacial Biology Group of the IADR

Among the many awards and honours he received were

  • Knight's Cross of the Order of the Danebrog, awarded by Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark Northcroft
  • Memorial Lecturer of the BSSO
  • First Yrjö Pattero Medal in Dental Radiography
  • Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
  • 4th SIDO World Prize in Orthodontics
  • Honorary Member of the Italian Orthodontic Society
  • Sheldon Friel Memorial Lecturer.