Joining the EBO

We welcome new EBO members!

There are two pathways leading to EBO membership.

I) Established orthodontists, who are 5 years or more following completion of postgraduate training, are required to sit all components of the examination in one sitting.

II) For recently graduated orthodontists, a 2-phase examination has been introduced. Detailed information may be downloaded from the EOS website: (

If you wish to join the EBO, please complete the EBO application form.

Dates relating to the next EBO examination are under discussion and information on this will follow.


In order to examine a large number of cases fairly and accurately, it is important that the case presentations are standardized as this helps the work of the Examination Committee Members.

You can find documents to help you prepare the presentation, and the documents you should adhere to when bringing a presentation.


EBO examiners

The examiners for the first examination in 1997 were selected and nominated by the EOS Council on the basis of their expertise at the EOS Congress in Valencia. In the following years these examiners were gradually replaced by members of the Board selected on the basis of the quality of their examination result and expertise.



In 1997 the Society held the first examination for the European Board of Orthodontists.